Nick-Names: Sammi
Birth Date: February 8th 1990
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite City: Los Angeles
Favorite Bands: The Smashing Pumpkins, Hole, The Cure, Stone Temple Pilots, Marilyn Manson, Silversun Pickups, The Used, Lana Del Rey, Red Hot Chili Peppers, J.A., Bush,
Favorite Movies: Romeo + Juliet, Nosferatu, The Shining, Saved, Almost Famous, Get Him To The Greek, Interview With The Vampire
Favorite TV Show: My So-Called Life, The X-Files... I try not to watch TV anymore.
Favorite Food: Sushi, Swedish, or anything daring and exotic.

Official Bio

Samantha Scarlette is an Alternative Rock singer/song writer originally from Saddle River, NJ.

Samantha Scarlette released her first EP titled “Into The Darkness” in digital format June 28th 2011. The songs on “Into The Darkness” were written by Samantha (music & lyrics) between October 2010 and March 2011. The songs mostly delt with veiled vampire themes, and romance. The EP which was produced by former Scary Kids Scaring Kids drummer Justin Salter, was comprised of 4 studio recorded tracks (“Fallen Star”, “The Demon”, “Mourning Fantasy”, “Bitten [instrumental]”, and 5 garage band recorded tracks (“The Demon [original tempo]”, “The Let Down”, “Burn”, “Lights Out”, “Let Me In”). In October 2013 she released a new stand alone single titled “Iron Maiden”. She also re-released "Fallen Star" as a free download single in February 2014, accompanied by a music video. Samantha continued writing new music between from July 2013 until she went into the recording studio in July 2014. Samantha also trained from March until July with legendary singer, Sarah Dash (of Labelle and Keith Richards & The Xpensive Winos) to get her vocals in order for the new recordings.

In July 2014, Samantha went into the studio with with Finnish metal producer Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, 69 Eyes, Apocolyptica) and recorded 5 tracks ("These Violent Delights", "Forgiven Sins [From Dusk Til Dawn]", "Epitaphs Of Love", "Gothic Queen", "Death Of A Dream"), for a new EP titled “Violent Delights + Violent Ends”. In October 2014, Samantha returned to the studio and recorded an addition acoustic track ("[Death Of A dream] Reprise: Farewell") with Matt Deis (former CKY and All That Remains bassist) performing the instrumentals. Samantha's vocal coach, Sarah Dash, also contributed background vocals on two of the songs ("These Violent Delights" and "Epitaphs Of Love"). "Iron Maiden" will also be featured as a bonus track on the E.P. All of the tracks on the EP, except for "Iron Maiden", were recorded at Quad Studios in NYC, and mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound.
Samantha released the lyric video for the albums first single "These Violent Delights" on September 19th; the single went on sale to all major online retailers September 30th, with the official music video released on October 11th. A music video for the song "Epitaphs Of Love" was released in early November. The album "Violent Delights + Violent Ends", was released November 18th 2014. Scarlette released a music video for a third single "Forgiven Sins (From Dusk To Dawn)" in July 2015. She released a music video for "Gothic Queen" in January 2016, making it the final video off of "Violent Delights + Violent Ends".
Scarlette released a new song called "Page Six" on 6.6.16 and a music video shortly after. "Page Six" was produced by Justin Salter. The song is a more alternative rock oriented track, and is the first teaser single off of a new project she's working on tentatively titled "My So-Called Life".

In 2015, Samantha Scarlette also started a paranormal podcast called Area 666 Radio for her Youtube Channel. In May 2016, Scarlette started hosting a weekly live online radio program called "I Want To Believe with Samantha Scarlette" on Energy Rock Radio. The show featurs interviews with guests on topics pretaining to the paranormal, metaphysical, conspiracies, cults, and rock music.
Samantha released a clothing line called MK-ULTRA 90 in December 2015. The clothing line is available at

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